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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Went to church today.
Just in time.
Thought we were gona be late, BUT thank God the driver is skillful.

Thanks for being honest with me baby.
And opening up, telling me stuff you probably wouldn't have wanted to tell me earlier on.
I love you for convincing me when my faith is low.
I love you for comforting me, always putting my needs first
I love you for always letting me lean on your shoulder. No matter in the car, on the bed, or on a couch waiting for your car to be done. Your aching shoulders never fail to put me into deep sleep :)
I love you for always trying to be the best boyfriend you could be.
I love you for being patient with me, especially when I'm needy, jealous, angry & ignorant.
And most of all I love you for never giving up on me :)

I can see how you've changed in the past 5 months baby.
I'm so glad & proud of you ;)

Had so much fun just staying in, then washing the car.
Playing frisbee afterwards, and finally Pizza Hut with Faisal.
Thank you for turning a bad day into one with a great ending.
And for assuring me :D


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